The Regional Natural Park of Portofino occupies an approx. area of 1000 hectares, between the Paradise Gulf and the Gulf of Tigullio. Through a dense network of paths that can be reached from Camogli, Santa Margherita and Portofino, you can discover the abundance and extraordinary variety of uncontaminated natural areas hidden between the woods, Mediterranean shrubland and the sea.
Relaxing itineraries and challenging excursions for trekking enthusiasts will take you to breath-taking panoramic points and to enchanting coves. Along the paths you will see examples of the area's monumental architecture, such as the complex of San Fruttuoso, the Romanesque church of San Nicolò di Capodimonte and the antique mills transformed today into charming eating areas.

Avegno is a small town located a few kilometres from the sea of Recco and Camogli. Known since the XVI century due to its production of bells, its territory is mainly hilly and covered by a dense network of trails and antique mule tracks.

Walking along the river that runs next to Passo Selvatico, bridges from the Roman period testify how this land, although impassable, was once the crossroads for trade between the coast and the interior valleys.

The nearby Val Fontanabuona offers naturalistic paths and cultural itineraries that include slate, damask and watches.
It has always been the core of slate extraction in Liguria and has numerous small villages such as Lòrsica, known for centuries for its precious silk fabrics and Uscio, a centre of Lombard origin, and today home of the Tower Clock Museum, which houses about thirty pieces of exceptional artistic, historical and cultural value.
Among the numerous excursions offered in the valley, not to be missed is the Colombian Path that marks out the path taken by the ancestors of Christopher Columbus to reach Genoa.

Roman bridge over the Recco river Path near Passo Selvatico Walk along the Recco river Panorama of Soprano, area of Avegno Trail mark on the path that runs along the Recco river Small Roman bridge over the Recco river Panorama along the Recco river